Corporate Responsibility

Every semester, the college visits less fortunate members of the society and makes various donations. This has been especially evidenced in children’s home, special schools and other vulnerable areas.

The college also offers itself in cleaning up the environment within Embu Municipality.
Many of our continuing and graduated students also provide their services in various sectors of the economy. Temporal jobs like IIEC jobs, census jobs etc are some of the prevalent jobs to continuing students, while permanent jobs like accountants, bankers etc are prevalent to graduates.

We have also produced BEST students in the republic in accountancy hence changing the perception of our community in matters regarding leadership and capability.
By offering computer literacy courses, we keep our society abreast with technology.
We also offer guidance and counseling sessions which allows rising of responsible men and women in the society.

The college holds corporate prayers at the beginning of the every week and a fellowship to crown every week in acknowledgement that God is the greatest shareholder of our college .This has catalyzed peaceful learning atmosphere and rapid growth of our college.

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