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 Welcome to Achievers College

As a renowned institution offering unique and exciting programmes, Achievers College has built a reputation as a comprehensive business college that delivers innovation to aid and delight its customers. Our well-respected brand is our most valuable asset. It embodies all that we stand for, conveys the beliefs and principles upon which we operate and serves as our introduction in any forum.

With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Achievers College offers unparalleled student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environments.




The Hospitality Industry is one of the backbones of Kenya's economy. Food and Beverage is an essential element in the hospitality industry. It can take any form from high end restaurants, fast food joints, catering establishments and many other forms.

We are introducing our newest course, FOOD AND BEVERAGE/
CATERING MANAGEMENT. Registration is ongoing. Visit us at our Offices in Embu, at Njue Plaza and Subira House for more information.



While admission to Achievers College is competitive,  admissions personnel vigorously support equality of opportunity. What they're looking for beyond the numbers is intellectual potential, strength of character, and love of learning.



Achievers College graduates bring to the market key management, financial management and Information Technology skills that are a heritage of the college commitment to continuously identify, develop and offer market relevant, market driven curriculum as a means of providing solutions to the community of Embu and the region.


2018 intakes ongoing

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